Aluminum Jon Boats
Jon boats are designed to offer a flat-bottomed hull and constructed in either aluminum or wood. A multi functional boat that's often used for fishing, hunting or as a small utility boat.

The aluminum Jon boats are often seen as the more popular choice of the two construction materials.

Jon boats are known for there capabilities in shallow water, where the bigger, heaver boats can't go. Also, in view of the lightweight build of these utility boats, its easily transportable.

These tough, aluminum Jon boats often range from 10 to 16 feet, and include flat bottoms, modified-V, or deep-V hulls to suit needs of the hunter or fishingman. If there’s a far amount of chop on the river - a modified-V hull might be necessary. Or opt for a deep-V hull if the chop is regularly over the bow.

Jon boat modifications often seen including changing the height of sides, so that the vessel is able to handle the rougher water, and to adapt the seat & storage configuration to suit the fisherman’s needs.

If looking for a DIY project, it's possible to self-build a wooden Jon boat with a suitable set of boat plans that are designed for the novice builder in mind. Jon boat plans can be located at,, or to mention a few, there's a vast choice of companies that offer study plans and kits.

Aluminum Jon boats are manufactured by Starcraft Marine, G3 Boats, Lund Boats, Lowe, Polar Kraft and Tracker Marine amongst others.


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