Boating Accessories


Boat Anchor Winch
Boat anchor winches for a smaller vessel (19'– 24') can accept the heaviest river or mushroom anchor systems up to a capacity of 25 - 50 lbs, with winches pre-spooled ...[More]


Boat Accessory
Boat supplies that can feature within the navigation or electronic category include the autopilots, GPS systems, compasses to VHF radios, to the night vision aids and ...[More]


Boat Leaning Post
A boat leaning post can be fabricated in a multitude of sizes, configurations, and colors to complement an existing floor plan to make a day of fishing or boating ...[More]


Boating Supplies
Boating supplies are crucial in the durability, maintenance and safe operation of a boat. Boat parts are used to supplement the existing features, add to the comfort, safety and ...[More]


Dinghy Accessories
Opt for a durable cover during the lay-up season to protect the craft from the elements - Offered as standard or custom-made to fit a particular model ...[More]


Inflatable Dinghy Accessories
Often coming as standard equipment with most inflatable boats – A Repair kit is necessary to undertake a repair job or to perform a temporary repair in the event ...[More]


Kayak Accessories
There are dozens of kayaking accessories available, many are essential, some are not. One accessory that has not yet been mentioned is a bilge pump ...[More]


Kayak Compass
Equipped with quick-release buckle for a simple and quick attachment. Ideal for those recreational paddlers that wish to remove a compass after use for storage ...[More]


Kayak Deck Bag
Deck bags can be universal and adapt to all kayaking adventures, such as storing snacks, repair kits or a spare pump or those more specific to a day or fishing ...[More]


Magma Propane Grill
The fuel supply comes from a 450g - 1lb disposable propane canister or if preferred can be adapted to on-board LPG systems. Expect an estimated cooking time of 2 - 4 hours ...[More]


Marine Binoculars Compass
A high-quality set of marine binoculars offers great viewing in low-light (fog, dusk, or dawn) conditions to detect markers, spoting buoys, or navigational hazards ...[More]


Marine Oil Lamp
Oil capacity in these lamps is often seen at 2 - 25 oz. a burn time estimated at 12 - 60 hours with the ideal clean burning fuel, with an ability to destitute light 360° through ...[More]


Marine Tool Kit
Marine tools are often packaged to accomplish a specific project, such as electrical repairs to maintain a boat's electrical system ...[More]


Moeller Marine Fuel Tanks
A Moeller marine fuel tank comes in a variety of sizes and shapes to adapt to most floor plans and hull configurations. A below deck, low-profile fuel tank can measure ...[More]


Ocean Kayak Accessories
Ocean kayak accessories include Paddles, Seats & Backrests, Hatch Kits, Rudder Kits, Clothing, Transportation, and Tools & Repair Kits ...[More]


Outboard Motor Carrier
Constructed in a high-tensile, aluminum tube framing, to offer a study and robust build for transporting an engine up to 130lbs - 315lbs, or 115 hp ...[More]


Pontoon Boat Accessories
Pontoon Boat Furniture such as the seats, replace those tied seats with a new set of high back bucket or folding seats or even a reclining helm chair ...[More]


Pontoon Boat Deck Kit
PontoonStuff, Inc. is one company that offers a pontoon boat deck kit. These kits range in size from 16’ to 28’. The kit for the 16’ deck has 4 sheets of ¾’”, 7-ply marine-treated ...[More]


Pontoon Boat Ladders
Boat ladders can be mounted on a permanent or temporary situation, all-dependent on the circumstances and the best needs of the boat owner ...[More]


Ropes for Sailboats
The Regatta Lite Polypropylene Braid is another style of rope that New England Ropes offers. This 9mm rope has a breaking strength of 199-lbs ...[More]


Telescoping Boat Hook
In its compact form, these telescoping boat hooks stand at 2 - 4 feet, and at full extension, 7 - 8 feet is a typical length ...[More]


Telescoping Paddle
A telescopic paddle often features a convenient boat hook handle, for ease in retrieving items dropped overboard or to help in getting through trees or pushing off a river-bed ...[More]


Waterproof Map Case
A lightweight dry bag is a versatile solution for keeping a map, passports, to food, clothing or batteries dry. A zip closure case of this nature can be waterproof up to ...[More]


Wooden Canoe Paddles
A canoe paddle can start with an entry-level economical version for recreational use to a high quality paddle that's more akin to a fine piece of furniture ...[More]


Fishing Backpack
The backpacks often come equipped with two or three tackle boxes, a mini cooler to keep bait cold, side pockets or pouches - ideal for accessories such as extra line ...[More]


Marine Barometer
Having an accurate marine barometer on board which can be depended upon is often essential out in the open waters ...[More]