General Boating


Boat Accident Lawyers
Recreational boating activities are meant to be fun. Unfortunately, those careless and drunk boaters often cause accidents that can result in a catastrophic injury or death ...[More]


Fractional Yacht Ownership
Fractional yacht ownership offers a flexible, convenient, and smart alternative to owning a sailboat outright ...[More]


Miami Boat Show
The exhibition is to be held over a period of five-days - February, 12th - 16th, 2009 - at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Sea Isle Marina & Yachting Center ...[More]


NADA Boat Pricing
If plans are in motion to purchase a PWC, sailboat, or motor cruiser its often a benefit to have a clear indication on its overall value ...[More]


How to Kayak
Ever wanted to learn how to kayak? If you are reading this the guess is of course! First things first, before you learn how to kayak, you need to know how to get in a kayak! ...[More]


Used Boats Classifieds
If it's a new or used boat - search one of the used boats classifieds ads services to make locating the ideal boat a simple task ...[More]


New York Boat Dealers
Looking for a new or used sailboat, inflatable, fishing boat or pleasure boat - take a look at the listings of boat dealers and brokerages located in the state of New York ...[More]