Lake Kissimmee Boat Rentals
If you are planning a trip to beautiful Lake Kissimmee, which is well-known for its outstanding fishing and beautiful scenery, you may want to think about renting a fishing boat to enhance a visit.

There are numerous businesses in the area that handle Lake Kissimmee boat rentals.

One Lake Kissimmee boat rentals business is Bass Challenger Guide Service. This business offers to send a fishing guide along with you when you rent one of their fishing boats. The service includes lure, rods, reels, artificial tackle, ice, and cold drinks as part of their rates. If you wish to have live bait, it is available if you request it. The company also supplies photographs as these fishermen practice the catch and release policy. You will need to obtain your own Florida Freshwater Fishing License as these are not available on site.

This company can also help you to find accommodations in the area. Each boat can hold up to three passengers (not including the guide). A four hour trip for one or two people costs $275, a six hour trip is $300, and an eight hour trip is $350. If you wish to include a third person on any of these packages, it is an extra $75. You can reach Bass Challenger Guide Service at 407-273-8045 or at 1-800-241-5314.

All Florida Fishing Guides is another business in the Lake Kissimmee area that offers daily boat rentals. Again, a fishing guide will accompany you to show you where the best fishing can be found. This company also furnishes a guide, tackle, rods, reels, ice, drinks, and pictures. For an extra charge, it can also provide you with live bait and a Florida Fishing License. This service’s rate for one to two people for a four hour trip is $225, a six hour trip is $275, and an eight hour trip is $325. A third person is an additional charge of $50. You can contact the All Florida Fishing Guides at 1-800-FISH-007.

Another Lake Kissimmee boat rental service is Champion Pro Guide Services. Like the other businesses, this service has a guide, tackle, lures, rods, reels, ice, drinks, and photographs included in its price. This company also offers many accommodations that the others do not. These include snacks, bug repellent, rain gear, sunglasses, and even a taxidermy service. The rate for a six hour trip with one passenger is $325 and an eight hour trip is $375. A second person can accompany you for free. Any extra people who may want to come along will cost $50 each and every additional hour is $50. You can contact Champion Pro Guide Services at 863-228-0982.

Chuck’s Guide Service also handles Lake Kissimmee boat rentals. This company also offers a guide as well as fishing equipment as well as the ability to purchase a Florida Fishing License on site. Children under twelve can go along free of charge. They also have a “no fish, no pay” policy which guarantees that if your party does not catch anything, the trip is free. The rates for a for a four hour trip for up to two people is $250, a six hour trip is $300, and a eight hour trip is $350. A three full day package costs $950. An extra person on any of these trips costs an additional $50. If you would like to contact Chuck’s Guide Service you can call 407-580-8458.

These are just a few of the many businesses that deal with Lake Kissimmee boat rentals. If you wish to search for more businesses in the Kissimmee area, you can Google “Lake Kissimmee” on the Internet and a number of sites will appear. You should be able to find the service that is right for you.


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