Boat Lifts
Boat lifts allow lifting and launching boats in and out of the water at harbors, docksides, and mooring areas.

The lifts offer ease and security of storage, ensuring that boats are kept out of the water while not in use. This results is a hull that isn't plagued with osmosis or gel-coat blistering, a drive unit that isn't affected by corrosion and avoids the build up of algae or plant growth

Marine grade, thick aluminum is the material of choice for the construction of boat lifts. This ensures a lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and easy to install piece of kit. Lifts are designed to operate at different water depths - this will depend on the type or model used. Some working in areas of deep water, and most are functional in either fresh or salt water.

Boat lift systems come in a variety of different models -

Cantilever Boat Lifts - a pivoting motion is used to lift the boat. The pivoting motion makes the lift easier due to weight of the boat being transferring to the frame. A simple design with few mechanical parts (three pulleys and one cable). Ideal for stable waters of over 2 1/2 feet.

Hydraulic Boat Lifts - its a quick and quiet operation with the most advanced technology - lifts in seconds instead of minutes. Can be equipped with a optional remote control to operate the lift from the helm of the boat.

Vertical Boat Lifts - works well in deep, rough, or shallow waters where the boat needs to be lifted from the water. More difficult to crank up and operate than the Cantilever boat lift.

PWC Boat Lifts - raise or lower the Jet Ski without strain or damage - avoid the needless damage to the hull due to dragging across rough terrain. Available with the Cantilever or Vertical style actions.

Boat Lift Accessories - include such kit as canopies & lofts, cradles, motors, racks & rails, solar panels, and wheel caddies & brackets.

Manufacturers of boat lifts include - ShoreMaster - Sunstream Boat Lifts™ - Hewitt Lifts - Golden Boat Lifts, Inc. - ShoreStation - HydroHoist

Lifts often function on electricity power, although some models are operated on AC Power, with others taking advantage of solar energy. Remote controlled lifts offer more convenience and ease of movement for lifting or launching the boat, even to the most novice of boaters out there.

A PWC to pontoon boat lift allows quick and easy access - especially to complete maintenance tasks, regarding the boats engine or hull. These lifts also prevent boats taking in water whilst moored. Lifts are often located close to harbor or dock, so allowing easy access to the interior. And are often designed to fit in narrow spaces, making them efficient and less space-consuming.

The modern floating boat lifts are user-friendly, quick and easy to launch & retrieve, and avoids the off-season storage charges that offer a over-all satisfactory berthing arrangement.


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