Fiberglass Boat Repair
One of the finer aspects to a fiberglass hulled boat is the ability to repair a moderately size gouge, hole or fracture with just a wise choice of materials and a manual.

Its often the case of applying a well-judged application of the same material as to which the boat was originally laminated. And these fiberglass boat repair jobs are often attempted by those with basic skills and knowledge. On the other hand, a vessel with a wooden hull will call for someone that has extensive knowledge and repair skills, in addition to being a costly procedure in most cases.

In order to effectively repair a fiberglass boat it's important to locate the ideal materials and tools. For the novice boater, its often best to pick-up one of the fiberglass repair kits. Large Fiberglass Boat Repairfiberglass repair kits are ideal to strengthen, repair or rebuild fiberglass damage above or below the waterline - kit comes equipped with polyester resin, fiberglass cloth, mixing tray, spread stick and instruction.

In cases of minor damage to the gelcoat, use a Match n' Patch kit to repair damage to the hull, such as scratches, gouges or cracks in the gelcoat - kit includes gelcoat paste, color agents, mixing cup & stick, cleaning solvent, and instructions. These kits cost in the region of $19.99 to $39.99

Once a fiberglass boat repair has been completed to the floor, bottom or transom of the boat it can often appear as good as new, without the signs of a superficial patch in existence. Fiberglass repairs needn't be expensive, so don't allow your pride and joy to fall into a state or disrepair.


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