Boat, Yacht Insurance
Boat, yacht insurance policies can often be tailor-made to accommodate a 16ft trailer sailor to a 43ft motor-driven yacht, and all in between.

A standard pleasure boat insurance package features essentials such as Liability, Physical damage, Personal effects, Medical expenses, and Oil leaks.

Finding the ideal coverage at a competitive rate is often more obtainable with the assistance of a reputable marine agent or broker [List of Boat Insurance Companies]. This often eliminates a lot of aggravation that comes with searching for the ideal insurance coverage. Insurance brokers have the advantage of being able to compare multiple quotes all at once. And resulting in the best quotes returned from the largest insurance providers.

With a selection of quotations to hand its critical to review each one in detail to establish terms, conditions, and exclusions on offer. A vital step in choosing a quotation to ensure that adequate coverage is in place for a yacht in all circumstances.

Info to acknowledge when reviewing a quote includes lay-up dates, are mast, spars, and sails covered, and if so, is it full protection or restricted to 2/3 of the overall value. Are the cruising limits adequate for the intended trips, and who is permitted to helm the vessel, is it the boat owner as captain, or can anyone with sufficient experience take control?

Taking note of the extent of coverage is also vital. Is the protection on offer an agreed value policy (insured value is agreed on at the time of putting the insurnace coverage in place) or an actual cash value plan (insured value is determined at the time of a loss). The degree of protection can have a huge impact on the amount claimed should a claim arise.

Yacht insurance quotes often feature a deductible amount, with a high deductible amount resulting in a reduced annual premium. Go with a deductible amount that offers a great premium combined with an excess that's affordable in the event of a loss.

It can help to make a note of planned events to be sure that adequate protection is always in place. Flexibility is required at future dates if club racing is to be entered, or a vessel is to be hired out on bareboat or skippered charter, as well as one off extensions to the cruising grounds.

Whether it’s a offshore racing vessel or a entry level sail boat in need of protection there are numerous boat, yacht insurance schemes to help in providing a custom-make plan to suit all needs.


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