Jet Ski Insurance
In the event of a jet ski incident on the water - it is crucial that adequate Jet ski insurance cover is in place.

Not only to cover the cost to replace or repair the PWC, but also to ensure that adequate protection is in force in the event of bodily injury, medical bills and worst case scenario, a wrongful death.

Jet skiing isn't normally covered under a typical travel, personal or even boat insurance plan - its often necessary to take out a specialized insurance scheme to cover these water-based toys.

In a typical Jet ski insurance plan you can expect -

Accidental Damage, Theft, Fire, Vandalism coverage
Water-sports liability cover (tow wakeboards or water-skiers)
Medical Payments
Roadside Assistance
Uninsured or Underinsured Boaters Liability
Defend Claims against you.

Exclusions often seen include -

Modified Jet skis
Use in the Dark (dusk to dawn)

Try some of these Boat Insurance Companies.

The careless approach to people using personal watercrafts, such as the jet ski, often leads to accidents that involve reckless operation, inadequate drivers, or failure to pay attention to what's going on. Incidents that involve a jet ski or open-cockpit boat (jet boat or water-ski boat) are common, with some studies indicating that almost half of boating accidents involve a Jet ski.

In the event of bodily injury to an innocent third party - its often the case that one of the boat accident lawyers is going to be called into action. As boating incidents often involve technical and complex legal issues it can be of some consequence to have sufficient cover in force in the event of being sued - this cover is up to a stated limit.

The jet ski is also known as a Personal Watercraft (PWC), Waverunner, or Sea-Doo.

It isn't mandatory to hold Jet ski insurance in all areas (see the local state .gov site to find out), but its a wise choice to have adequate cover in force in case of a mishap.


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