Electric Boat Motors
Electric boat motors offer a virtually silent way to propel a boat across the water, do not pollute the air or water - resulting in a more eco-friendly option than the gasoline engine.

Electric boats are becoming a popular choice for many boaters, and seen as the ideal option on protected waters, such as canals, rivers and lakes. And also avoids the noise of an outboard or the splashing of the paddles, to eliminate the harm or to scare the wildlife, such as the fish and birds.

Electric Outboard Manufacturers - Torqeedo Travel 801 Electric Outboard Motor

Torqeedo - specializes in the development of top-class electric boat drives, and was founded in 2005. With a choice of technological breakthrough engines, such as the Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 Electric Outboard and the Travel 801 Electric Outboard (foldable design)

Minn Kota® - is the oldest of manufactures of the electric fishing motors, having been in business since 1934, and offer a choice of innovative and cutting-edge technology.

Electric boat engines are quiet, simple to use, efficient, and friendly to the environment, and eliminate the need to fill-up with costly fuel, to lug gas & oil cans, avoids troublesome engine start-ups, and without the frequent maintenance & tune-ups.


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