Honda Boat Props
Honda has incorporated its technical knowledge into the development of high-quality outboard motors. Many of the parts for these motors are produced here in the United States.

If you have a Honda outboard motor and need to replace the propellers, there are several companies that manufacture Honda boat props.

Michigan Wheel Boat Props is one company that produces Honda boat props. It makes all of its parts from the finest grade of alloys and offers a wide variety of these parts for your motor. There is the three-blade aluminum propeller set that has a high gloss black powder finish that protects the aluminum and minimizes speed loss from drag. It also has a rubber hub that is cushioned and can absorb the blows from an impact that could damage the lower unit. Depending on the amount of horsepower that your engine has, the price for this propeller set ranges between $53 and $123.

Other sets of propeller blades that are offered by this company are the Ballistic and the Ballistic 3XL styles that consist of three blades that are made of 15-5ph stainless steel. These are designed with a tapered leading edge and an optimized power tip. The blades themselves are hand-balanced and separated into cambered sections. The coating is a mirror finish that helps to resist corrosion. The standard hub geometry allows for easy repair, installation, and replacement. Again, depending on your horsepower, the price of these blades range from $232 to $336.

Michigan Wheel Boat Props also offers the Vortex and the Apollo XHS models that consist of a three- or four- blade set. The Vortex model is made of aluminum and the price for these propeller blades ranges between $77 and $135. The Apollo model is made of stainless steel and its price range is between $195 and $305.

Another company that manufacturers Honda boat propellers is Quicksilver Propellers. This company offers three different models of propellers that can be installed easily on your Honda motor-the Black Diamond, the Lightspeed, and the Siverado. The Black Diamond is a three-blade aluminum propeller that is easy to install and repair. These propellers cost between $60 and $141. The Lightspeed model is a three-blade stainless steel propeller that has a high rake design. This feature gives this model extra bow lift. These blades are ideal if you own a lightweight boat. The cost of these propeller blades ranges from $334 to $350. The Silverado are three blades that are also stainless steel and cost between $290 and $350.

Turning Point Propellers also produces propellers for Honda boat motors. This company offers a three-blade stainless steel set that helps your boat to gain the maximum amount of speed possible and costs between $398 and $545. It also has a three-blade aluminum model that which is part of the company’s compact series and only cost between $75 and $150.

These are just a few of the companies that have Honda boat props. If you wish to look further for more manufacturers of these parts, you can check with your local boat dealer or search via the Internet.


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