Kayak Storage
So you’ve just invested in your first Kayak and you are taking it home. The question that might still remain is "How do I store my kayak?"

The storage of canoes and kayaks is something you can’t simply ignore. You will NOT want to simply put your expensive fiberglass kayak in a shed attached to your house. And for sure you don’t want to simply store it on the hard concrete surface of your garage. But what happens if you don’t even have a garage or storage shed? Or like many people, you garage and storage shed are full to the rafters with boxes and stuff.

One method is to use a wall cradle. Many manufacturers produce a J-shaped wall cradle. These simply hook onto the wall of your garage or storage shed. After you have been on your kayak trip you simple put your kayak into the wall cradle and it is off the floor and safe for your next trip. Many wall cradles support either single or tandem kayaks.

If you have no free wall space in your garage, another option that is widely available is a hoist/lift system. A hoist lift system can store your kayak from the ceiling. The added advantage of this type of system for the storage of your kayak is it makes it far easier to get your boat on top of the car.Kayak Storage

Before you leave for your trip you just use the hoist/lift system to lower the kayak to the roof of your car. And when you get back you use the same system to lift the kayak off of your car. You can keep the kayak in the lift until you are ready to go again!

Of course there are some people who are better organized and have plenty of space in their garage of shed. For those people there is a more traditional method. You can easily find kayak stands that fold out and hold your kayak off of the ground. Additionally, these stands can be taken with you when you go to the beach, or wherever, and can store your kayak even on your trip!

There is no excuse to store your kayak in a fashion that can damage it. You’ve already invested in your dream boat; invest a little more in system that allows kayak storage in a way so that you are ready for the next trip.


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