Boat Maintenance & Organization
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Boat Cleaning Tips
Basic boat cleaning tips often reap huge rewards in relation to the aesthetic appearance, avoid the general deterioration of the craft, and the consequences ...[More]


Aluminum Boat Paint
One of the keys to properly maintain your aluminum boat is to apply aluminum boat paint to protect the craft from normal wear and tear ...[More]


Fiberglass Boat Repair
One of the finer aspects to a fiberglass hulled boat is the ability to repair a moderately size gouge, hole or fracture with just a wise choice of materials and a manual ...[More]


Gelcoat Repair Kit
A gelcoat repair kit is the ideal solution for gelcoat restoration projects, such as repairing scratches, gouges, and nicks in a fiberglass hull and deck ...[More]


Cost to Winterize Bass Boat
Winterizing your boat may seem like a long and tedious process but it is well worth the time that you invest to ensure that your bass boat will have a long life ...[More]


Kayak Storage
So you’ve just invested in your first Kayak and you are taking it home. The question that might still remain is "How do I store my kayak?" ...[More]