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Buying a boat is often a challenging experience, so its essential to reflect on the responsibilities, such as the on-going care, maintenance, and the financial obligations that comes with it.

Associated Costs of Owning a Vessel
Buying a New or Used Boat for Sale
Choosing Boat Models
Pre-purchase Inspection
Questions to be Asked when Buying a Boat


1. Questions to be Asked when Buying a Boat -
There are a multitude of questions that often need to be asked prior to jumping in and acquiring a Yacht - Bass Boat - PWC while taking all responsible measures to ensure that accurate information is gathered.

• Is the motor, trailer, and related equipment included in the purchase price.
• What's the reason for selling the boat.
• How old is the Boat & Outboard
• Has the boat been inspected by a Mechanic or Surveyor
• Check on prior Damage, Claims History, and Maintenance Records.
• Ask if the Boat can be taken out for a Test Run.


2. Choosing Boat Models -
Is fresh or saltwater on the agenda - use the inland lakes, rivers, or steams to inshore, or offshore to tackle the deeper waters. Will the craft be in use year-round or will it be more seasonal. And what's the anticipated mooring or storage locate.

Be sure to secure a mooring space if planning on berthing at a popular marina or anchorage prior to making the actual purchase. Slips and mooring space can be difficult to virtually non-existent in some places.

Is the desired purchase a sail or motor-driven boat - be it to fish the shallow waters in a flats boat, to experience the high-speed thrills of a Jet Boat or PWC, or the leisurely pace of a sailing boat. Is fishing, water-sports activates or cruising the sole purpose of the craft. Or is it a combination of these - when a fish & ski boat will come to mind.

Who's planning on stepping on board - is there adequate space to accommodate those that wish to be on board the boat. A Jon or flats boat is ideal for angling parties of 2 or 3, while a deck or pontoon boat is more suited to large angling parties or to entertaining friends.

Having a clear idea on these matters can help to establish the most suitable craft to purchase.


3. Associated Costs of Owning a Vessel -
Once of comes to the budget its crucial to total up all the associated costs of owning a vessel. Such as the storage - mooring fees, fuel - oil, maintenance costs, loan - mortgage, registration - licenses, and taxes.


4. Buying a New or Used Boat for Sale -
Acquiring a new or used model. The latest model will be expensive, in full working order, and comes with a manufacturers warranty. Although, that 2009 model can take a big hit in depreciate - often as much 30% as soon as its taken off the lot.

Buying used boats for sale by owner, trader or dealer all requires more care and attention - but its often possible to locate a great deal. Experienced boaters often know that there’s better value in a quality used boat than a new one sitting in the showroom.

Being able to purchase the very best quality vessel to coincide with the finances ought to be the primary concern.


5. Pre-purchase Inspection -
With a used boat its essential to look out for signs of neglect or lack of maintenance. What kind of shape is the hull and deck in - does it appear in a faded, scratched, or chipped condition - if so, it might be that the craft hasn't received the necessary attention.

If signs of wear and tear are easy to notice on the outside, than wants to be found inside, especially with the machinery and electrical system. Also take note of the related equipment - with a trailer look for signs of rust damage, and inspect the brakes and wheel bearings, etc, to see its all in working order.

Prior to making a commitment to purchase its a wise decision to have a craft, engine, and electrics inspected by a qualified mechanic, marine surveyor, or shop that works on watercraft - at the buyers expense. The level of the inspection to be undertaken and cost often depends on several factors. And a on-water sea trail or test drive will help to determine the performance and handling of the craft.


6. Alternative Sources to Find Used Boats for Sale -
If living in a boating community and interested in taking the plunge with a Sailboat - Power Boat or PWC than theirs in all probability a lot of boat yards and dealerships in close proximity.

Pay a visit to the boat yards or marinas in the local area to see what's on offer - if might be fortunate might come across a boat to accommodate the needs. Talking to the staff at a boatyard can often help with finding or knowing where to look for the latest models to come up for sale.

Take a look at the bulletin boards at boat yards, marinas, marine accessory stores, and other such places. It can often help to have a chat with the locals and get the local information.

Alternatively Go Online - Some popular options consist of -

• YachtWorld - View New & Used Yachts for Sale. Official
• Boat Trader® - View Yachts - Sailboats - PWC & PowerBoats for Sale. Official
• Craigslist - Search Local Classified Ads for Boating related Products. Official
eBay Boats for Sale - Auction Listings on every Make, Type, & Class of Boat or Watercraft imaginable. Offical site:

In the process of buying a boat its essential not to ignore the fact that all boats do require on-going maintenance and attention in order to experience that long lasting fun on the water.


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