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The fun on a PWC can be immense. All the latest PWC models offer a multitude of features, great versatility and a highly maneuverable water-borne experience. The Jet Ski model often boils down to a riders personal preference.

Associated Costs of Owning a PWC
Examining a Used Jet Ski for Sale
Past manufacturers
Present-day manufacturers
Watersport activities


1. Examining a Used Jet Ski for Sale -
Maintenance is of course vital to a safe and effective Jet Ski. No PWC will last unless its been maintained to a high standard. Because of salt water corrosion it's imperative that a ski is washed down and systems flushed out appropriately after use.

• Inspect the hull for signs of repair - take note of the inside as well as the outside of the PWC.
• Take note of the number of hours used - 50 hours is considered low hours
• Have a compression test on the engine.
• Are there gouges in the prop.
• The pump nozzle ought to turn freely.
• Take the PWC out for a test ride if at all possible.
• Ask the seller to describe the maintenance procedures or to see receipts from the shop that worked on the PWC.

Or if not mechanical minded have the PWC inspected by a qualified mechanic or a shop that works on watercraft - It might cost $95 - $125 to examine, but that's nothing compare to the wasted $$$ if left with a potential expensive lemon.

The mechanic will be able to determine the number of hours run, check all systems, and test the PWC. If a jet ski is found to be neglected it might cost more to have it repaired than to purchase one of the latest models.

All of the PWC makes seem to feature their own issues - some of these are minor, while others can be major. The 4-stroke engines offer a more reliable service, in need of less maintenance, and can give great fuel economy when compared to the 2-stroke models.


2. Associated Costs of Owning a Personal Watercraft -
After going to the expense of acquiring a new or used PWC its also essential to contemplate the cost of related necessities. Such costs include -

• Registration of PWC with the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) - Costs vary
• Registration of it's Trailer with the DMV - costs vary
• Insurance - Mandatory in some states & a requirement if the PWC is bought on finance
• Boater Safety Course - mandatory in states such as Florida
• Maintenance (mechanical labor, tune-ups, off-season winterize, etc.)
• Fuel / Oil costs
• Launch or dock slip fees
• Safety equipment (life jackets, fire extinguisher, etc.)
• Accessories (anchors, covers, wakeboards, tubes, etc.)

Although insurance on Personal Watercraft isn't mandatory in all states - the rider of the PWC is still liable for all damages caused. Insurance for Boats & Watercraft is cost effective when compared to the resulting costs if riding on an uninsured Jet Ski that ends up striking or killing an innocent swimmer. List of Boat insurance companies.


3. Watersports Activities -
A 3-seater PWC is often required if the plan is to pull a skier. One seat for the operator, one for the spotter, and the last for the wake boarder or skier. The HP and speed as well as the torque are all important when it comes to towing someone behind the jet ski.


4. Present-day manufacturers of Personal Watercraft - Honda - Kawasaki - SeaDoo - Yamaha
Honda Powersports manufactures a series of PWC - The 2009 models include the all-new Aqua Trax F-15 with its turbocharged and fuel-injected four-stroke engine - this three-seater offers high-speed maneuverability, UV resistant seating, keyless ignition, and a choice of color schemes. Official Site:

Kawasaki manufacture a series of Stand-up and Sit-down Jet Ski® Watercraft - The 1 passenger 800 SX-R™ stand-up Jet Ski offers a great top speed and acceleration with its two-stroke engine, and is a modern version of one of the original 400cc Kawasaki models that started back in 1973. And the 3 passenger Ultra® 260LX comes with a 260hp supercharged and intercooled engine, a race inspired hull, adjustable steering position (sit or stand), and an option to limit the HP. Official Site:

SeaDoo manufacture a complete line up of Recreation & Luxury model PWC - The 3 person WAKE Pro 215 is designed specifically for towing and wakeboarding and comes with a 215hp supercharged, intercooled Rotax engine, a removable WakeBoost™ system & retractable high-rise ski pylon. And the GTI SE 155 gives stable performance, rock-solid handling and plenty of family-friendly extras, features a 155hp Rotax® engine and offers a ride capacity of 3. Official Site:

Yamaha manufactures a series of Stand-up and Sit-down WaveRunner® PWC models - The 2009 SuperJet offers a performance hull, slip-resistant foot tray, 701cc Yamaha marine engine, and is the best selling of the Stand-up models in the history of personal watercraft. And the FX HO gives a ultra lightweight hull, superior acceleration & performance, is fully featured and offers low fuel consumption. Official Site:

New personal watercrafts cost in the region of $7,899 - $14,999 (2011 Prices) - PWC are available in a multitude of styles, designs, and features - for one, two, or three persons, sit-down or the traditional stand-up models, and with 2 or 4-stroke engines.


5. Past manufacturers of Personal Watercraft - Polaris - Tigershark
Polaris Industries manufactured a series of Personal Watercraft (PWC) until ceasing production of marine products in September 2004. Polaris watercraft OEM parts and accessories can still be located at marine dealers.

Arctic Cat manufactured the Tigershark line of PWC until ceasing production of marine products in September 1999.


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