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Airboat Plans: How to Build an Airboat

Glen-L, AirBoatFun, and Canadian Airboats are some of the companies to offer a series of airboat plans specific to the single seater or two seater air boat or swamp boat.

Plans are split into the following categories: Lake Buggy - Swamp Boat

Versatile in use, the flat-bottomed airboat, with its air-plane type engine and propeller, is designed for all-types of applications, in saltwater or freshwater, for fisherman, search and rescue, or general water enthusiasts, and operates in shallow waters and marsh lands. Its high performance motor, propeller, and 1 or 2 seats are mounted high on the deck to offer a stable configuration, with its center of gravity raised, the airboat is designed to skim over the surface of the shallow water.

One of the best modes of transport for waters at a depth of a few inches over a sand or gravel bottom, thou not restricted to that. An air boat is also able to cross vegetation-filled swamps, stump-filled lakes, grassy plains, deep waters, or other inaccessible trails offering the most beautiful scenery and wildlife.

Airboats Plans for Sale
Airboat Plans to self-construct a air boat from ‘scratch’ often consist of full-size patterns, complete material lists, tools required, and full step-by-step instructions. Using meticulous airboat building plans, drawn and developed with the amateur builder in mind, helps get a do-it-yourself project in progress in the shortest time possible.

Most, if not all the parts and materials mentioned in the construction process are readily available at a local hardware store – thou the steps to fabricate an airboat are made even easier with one of the all-inclusive airboat kits for sale.

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From building a full-size desk, frame, propeller cage / engine mount, and instrument controls, a series of authentic airboat plans for sale offering a straight-forward build process are available at -


Lake Buggy - Single & Twin Seater Air Boat Plans; a simple, low cost airboat design to build and assemble for fun; Plywood construction; Plans by AirBoatFun


Swamp Boat - 13-foot Swamp Boat Plans; flat-bottomed, with airplane-type propeller; Plywood construction; Plans by Glen-L


Kit assembly plans for the airboat often consist of all-things related to the fiberglass (contains resin, tape, and accessories, such as a brush, squeegee, and roller) and fastenings (contains all the nails and screws required).

Custom built, a air or swamp boat with plans individualized to target a specific application, such as those designed for all-types of fishing, hunting, or related activities in need of exploring inaccessible waterways, often feature such optional extras as a full walk-around, muffler, dome lights, cooler rack, rod holders, bimini top, swivel seats on bow, intercom system, etc.

Airboat Basics
Steered and controlled through acceleration, an airboat requires knowledge of navigating skills not seen with anything else. An airboat functions properly once up on a plane; to achieve this, open the throttle to approx half to three-quarters – once on a plane, back-off the accelerator just enough to ensure the airboat continues to drive on plane.

No Brakes, just a throttle / gas pedal – Unlike most other types of watercraft, a standard configured airboat is not designed to go in reverse. In water, the forward momentum of an airboat slows when backing off the power, the friction of water, and dropping off plane. You must learn to calculate maneuvers and stops through experience.

Most of the recreational airboats have a single seat for the driver and a further seat at the rear to hold 1 or 2 extra passengers, although a lot of the airboat building plans are configured to include just a single seat for the driver. Airboats are also available for a wide variety of applications, such as pleasure, eco-tourism, military use, search and rescue, law enforcement, and fishing.

Amateur vs Professional Boatbuilds
Great savings are to be had in the self-build airboat plans kits – A DIY aluminum airboat, with comprehensive plans and appropriate materials, costs a lot below a fish-ready professionally fabricated airboat witnessed at a boat dealerships forecourt. A 11 x 7-ft full-deck fiberglass airboat (2009-model) for example, with its 150HP engine, 4-blade warp drive propeller, stainless-steel rigging and exhaust, and a standard set of electronic instruments, costs in the region of $4,999 in the second-hand market.


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