Bateau Boat Plans

Stitch and Glue Boat Plans
All Stitch and Glue Boat Plans consist of full-size patterns, complete material lists, tools required, and full step-by-step instructions to get a do-it-yourself project in progress in the shortest time possible.

Plans split into the following categories: Center Console - Electric - Flats - Paddlewheel - Sailing Dinghy

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Center Console
16' Console Skiff - 16-foot Outboard Skiff with Center Console; easy to construct Skiff with large open cockpit area; Plywood construction; Plans by Glen-L
Flats Boat
17' Dragonfly - 17-foot Garvey-type Flats Boat Plans; a boat for shallow areas in the backwaters; Plywood construction, Plans by Glen-L
Sailing Dinghy
7' Dinky - 7-foot Sailing Dinghy Plans; a incredibly fast, cheap & easy ship-to-shore dinghy design to build; Plywood construction; Plans by Glen-L
Electric Boat
13' Amp Eater - 13-foot Stitch & Glue Electric Boat Plans; constructed with a efficient hull design and quiet, environmentally friendly, electric propulsion system; Plywood construction; Plans by Glen-L
Paddlewheel Boat
6' Ke-Pau - 6-foot Paddlewheel Boat Plans; a simple flat-bottomed design, propel with paddlewheels; Plywood construction; Plans by Glen-L

Stitch and glue is a method of using pre-cut marine-grade plywood panels, cut to a specific size or shape, which are stitched together with the assistance or cable tires or wire sutures (to clamp the panels together) These panels are than epoxied (glued) to seal and bond all parts and coated with a fiberglass cloth.

When it comes to purchasing a set of plans - it's crucial that step-by-step instructions and panel drawings are included, in addition to a list of the required materials and tools. Plans for the stitch and glue boats can be located at the following locations -

Boat Designs - offers a choice of 30+ plans that follow the stitch and glue construction method - these range form the 6' Kids row boat to a 16' Cabin Skiff or a 17' Sea Kayak with many in between. Official site:

Clark Craft - offer a series of stitch and glue plans or complete kits that come equipped with epoxy-resin, wood filler, wire, and fiberglass tape. Official site:

Spira International - offers a series of stitch & glue plans for a 14' Riverman (drift boat) to a 20' Puget Challenge (ultralight dory). Official site:

There are many advantages to building in stitch and glue - less tools than other construction methods, no building molds or complicated lofting required. A stitch and glue built boat is just as capable and strong as a frame built plywood boat - provided that its properly designed and constructed.

A lot of the do-it-yourself boat plans are designed with the amateur builder in mind, and the stitch and glue boat plans are among the most basic - all that's necessary is the ability to cut out the pieces of plywood and to mix and spread the epoxy.


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Boat Plan Sources:

1. Glen-L