Boat Dolly
A boat dolly, constructed in lightweight steel, offers a very versatile tool for carting a canoe, kayak or a 12 ft fiberglass boat.

Transport a boat from vehicle to water with ease. Its a simple case of lifting up a small runabout, utility boat or kayak, rolling the carrier under, secure with a nylon cargo strap or clamp to a boats transom (after turning a boat over), and that's it, all set to be pulled back to a waiting vehicle.

Heavy-duty tires often feature to help tackle the roughest of terrains, ideal for getting down to a remote fishing lake with a kayak or two in tow.

A small boat dolly can be equipped with a spring-loaded kickstand to allow for ease in loading, and to offer ease in storage, these boat carriers can often dissemble for compact storage if equipped with quick release wheels, with no tools required.

A maximum load for a canoe, dinghy or inflatable boat dolly is often in the region of 250 - 300 lbs. Although some of the carriers are more effective with the minimal width of a canoe or kayak. As it can be more of a balancing act to maneuver a small wooden or fiberglass utility boat on relative smooth ground, yet alone on the more difficult conditions of a beach Garelick Boat Dolly with sand, peddles or rocks to contend-with.

A jet ski dolly is the perfect tool to transport a personal watercraft across beaches, lawns, etc. offering ease in launching and re-loading from water, land or on a trailer. Aluminum constructed for a solid build, with large, wide rubber tires to overcome all rough surfaces. Dollies are loaded direct from land with the assistance of a winch, or in the water.

Accessories to complement a boat dolly include hull pads, or tube repair kit and an air pump. Once a recreational watercraft arrives at a parking lot it can help to have a one-man canoe loader is able to enable a single person to load or unload a canoe from the top of Jeep, SUV, or truck. Or a truck bed extender to make hauling a long load that much safer.

Whether its a solo trip or a families vacation a heavy-duty canoe, jet-ski or boat dollies offers durability and strength in getting down to the water quickly and smoothly. The trip back to a Jeep after a day of paddling is made that much easier with a high-quality carrier to assist.


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