Boat Dock Accessories
A wide range of boat dock accessories is available to outfit the dock for the maximum in fun, safety, and functionality.

Here are just a few of the high-quality boat dock accessories that are available -

Add-ons for the boat dock can include the functional items such as the dock cushions, bumpers or corners that are impact absorbing polyethylene pads that can be mounted on the dock in either a horizontal or vertical position - this prevents rubbing or damage to the hull. If in need of hauling a lot of gear from vehicle to boat - it can be made that much easier with a large capacity or folding dock cart, these useful utilities carts can take up to 300 lbs.

Study fiberglass dock boxes are ideal to store boat supplies, such as life-jackets or other such kit that needs to be kept out of the weather or out of sight - available as a small upright (vertical) or large dock box (horizontal). If in need of more space look towards one of the 6' storage closets. Dock cleats, galvanized nails, rubber guards, flag pole holder, line holders, rub rails, handrails, gates and vents are among the items of dock hardware. And don't forget the maintenance equipment, such as lake rake.

Aesthetic or fun elements to be include are a set of marine-grade aluminum ladders - these are idea to be used as a dock-mounted swim ladder or for transition from a fixed to floating dock. Also there's the easy up dog steps for the family pet. A gazebo or roof shade for the dock will offer more shade and allow more time outside while staying cool. And there's also the benches to attach to the dock.


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