Boat Docks
It is the boat docks that boat-owners rely on to get from boat to land and vice versa. Docks are available in a choice of two designs - floating or stationary.

Often seen and used for commercial purposes, harbors, marinas, and also industrial floating platforms and residential docking.

Steel and wooden was the construction material of choice for docks. However these materials required constant care and didn't offer much durability. In order to overcome the misgivings of the steel and wooden dock, the aluminum docks emerged, and offered numerous benefits. Now durable and hard-wearing, a splinter-proof material that didn’t rot or rust, nor crack or warp over time. It withstood the tests of rough water with its remarkable flexibility, and retained its strength and shape.

Boat docks are available in a vast range or sizes and models. Popular choices include - Slip and platform docks, sundeck docks, hip rook rocks, sundeck combo docks, gable roof docks, and the commercial dock. Aluminum built docks can often be tailor made to a specific design or drawing. As such, its extremely possible to plan docks to specifications. Docks are often integrated into the architectural and decor scheme of a house or landscape.

If self installation is the preferred option - some companies offer do-it-yourself boat dock plans. Technical assistance is often there to take advantage of if need be, while most suppliers also give the option to install the dock.

Use dependent, it might be a requirement to install a boat lift - helpful in cases where a dock isn't being used as a harbor or marina. Manufacturers often give assistance with lifts and other related mechanical instruments. A assortment of accessories are too available, these can vary from the functional - storage lockers, ladders, dock cleats, and power stations - to the aesthetic or fun elements, such as a swimming platform and benches.

Aluminum built docks are most often maintenance free and environmentally friendly. The aluminum material is corrosive free, the floats are constructed in a high-grade polyethylene fabric that filled with foam. The decking is in a composite material that isn't going to corrode or rot, or a material such as aluminum board, concrete slabs or treated wood.

Static and portable boat docks are able to provide aesthetic and utilitarian notions in one individual package.


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