Gelcoat Repair Kit
A gelcoat repair kit is the ideal solution for gelcoat restoration projects, such as repairing scratches, gouges, and nicks in a fiberglass hull and deck.

Gel coat repair kits often feature - polyester gelcoat paste, coloring agents, mixing sticks, hardener, blending chart, release film, and a step-by-step guide to undertake the repairs.

A small scratch, hairline crack, or chip in the fiberglass is often a simple repair project with a Scratch Patch kit - its a case of filling the scratch with the supplied formula, allow to set, and remove excess filling with a cloth or spreader tool.

In case of a deep scratch, chip or gouge in a fiberglass gel coat a white gelcoat paste or putty can be applied to form a hard and very smooth shell over all imperfections, and often UV resistant to offer weathering stability.

A larger fiberglass repair kit to repair, rebuild or strengthen is often seen to contain an 8oz. tub of polyester resin, mixing tray and spreader stick, fiberglass cloth and instructions, for use below or above a hulls waterline.

Aim to mix coloring agents direct to a deck or hull to achieve the closest match possible, Gelcoat Repair Kitalthough it can be difficult to achieve a direct match. With a paste curing to a glass hard, finish within 1 hour of starting the project.

Products to assist in restoring a fiberglass gelcoat include a Oxidation remover to tackle general grime, stains and contaminants, a polish to restore a brilliant gloss finish, a pure wax can offer a durable and tough protection for all surfaces, and a dedicated metal polish to easily remove stains, surface degradation, and resulting in a mirror-bright shine.

High-quality gelcoat repair kits offer an affordable option in the repair and maintenance of a vessels fiberglass hull. A effective solution to keeping a boat looking great and free of damaging marks often seen as a consequence of time and use.


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