Aluminium Boat Plans

Are you thinking about building your own aluminum boat and cannot decide where to begin? You may want to start by finding aluminium boat plans that are designed to create the boat of your dreams.

There are several boat design companies that make available a wide variety of stock designs and plans as well as the do-it-yourself kits to make them a reality.


Specmar, Inc. - design and offer computer cad lofting of welded aluminum boats for a pre-cut aluminum boat kit.

Located in Scappoose, Oregon, this company wrote the book “Boatbuilding with Aluminum,” the only book available on the subject at the time of its publication in the mid 1990s. Offering a variety of styles of aluminum boats (Drift Boats, from 14 - 18-ft, Sports Boats, from 13'9 - 36-ft, Sitka Boats, from 21 - 28'2-ft, and Special Purpose Boats, from 21'3 - 42'8-ft) and detailed plans and building instructions to go with them - in total 70 different designs.

Using CAD 3D designs to computer cut the pieces for the boat kits to make the task of boat assembly easier. If you would like to get in touch with Specmar, Inc., you can reach them at 503 543-7562.

Trident Welding Ltd. - located in British Columbia, Canada, this company carries plans for aluminum and steel boats as well as providing the boat kits to go with them.

These kits start out as 3D models on a computer which enables the designers to make any adjustments that are necessary. These images are then downloaded into a program that feeds into a machine that robotically cuts all the necessary boat pieces. All this cutting is done on CNC (computerized numerical control) machines to ensure that the pieces fit together perfectly. The company also installs notches in as many pieces of the kit as possible to make assembly faster and easier.

Kits include all plating decks, structures, internals, engine beds, fuel tanks, chain plates, rudders, keels, etc. - full details available on the website. Stock boat kits include a 12-foot Skiff, a 20-ft Walkaround, a multi-purpose 30-ft Coastworker, and a Dudley Dix 35. If you would like to contact Trident Welded Ltd., you can contact them via their Web site at

Plate Alloy - design, manufacture, and supply pre cut building kits and aluminum boat plans for the professional and enthusiastic home builder.

Located in Victoria, Australia, Plate Alloy Australia P/L also incorporates 3 Dimensional imaging with CAD computer software and CNC precision cutting when producing their pre-cut boat assembly kits. They also notch some of the pre-cut pieces and mark lines and arrows on others to make the assembly process run as smoothly as possible.

On offer, a variety of aluminum boat sizes, ranging form 4-meters to 8-meters for the trailerable range (4.8m Center Console, 5.3m Runabout, or 6.2m Cuddy Cab for example) and 6.5-meters to 13-meters for the Power Cat range. If you would like to contact Plate Alloy, you can call (+613) 9555 6399.

Elsewhere, full-detailed and illustrated aluminum boat plans and assembly kits are available at which is run by Glen L Marine designs which is located in Bellflower, California.

In the business of producing do-it-yourself boat kits since 1953, with several of its staff members having written several do-it-yourself books to help the amateur boat builder, Glen-L offers a large inventory of boat building plans, kits, and supplies, from a 14-ft McKenzie drift boat, a 22-ft Wildcat E-X-T Sport Power Catamaran, or a 27-ft Nordcoaster Motor-yacht. To view Glen L’s full line of aluminum constructed boats, 35 in total, you can visit its Web page at or contact the company on 562-630-6280.


Beside the portfolio of stock designs, a lot of these companies offer the possibility of a custom designed aluminum vessel, from a simple landing craft to a high-performance offshore fishing boat, with designs available from 13 to 50-ft. If interested in having a custom kit created for a desired motor-driven vessel, just contact the respected company to see what can be arranged.

These are just a few of the design companies that offer do-it-yourself boat kits as well as aluminium boat plans. To find more businesses that offer these products, you can search the World Wide Web via the Internet. Happy building!


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