Kayak Paddle Plans
Kayak paddle plans are ideal for a quick DIY project for someone with basic woodworking knowledge and the right tools to produce a set of professional looking set of paddles.

Kayak paddle plans can be located at the following destinations -

Glen-L - offer a choice of paddle or oar plans in varies designs and sizes - expect to locate plans and patterns to construct a set of single bladed canoe paddles, double bladed kayak paddles, general purpose oars, or a set of lightweight. The build process is just a case of transferring the patterns to the stock, cutting down to size, and fairing to the precise contours. The plans come equipped with full sized patterns, so no layouts or scaling is required. Official site: www.glen-l.com

Guillemot-Kayaks - offers a set of plans to build a feathered kayak paddle in a choice a six different paddle sizes. Plans shown use a band saw in the build process, but the basic method can be adapted to use hand tools. Official site: www.guillemot-kayaks.com

Northwoods Canoe Company - offers a set of step-by-step construction plans and full size patterns for both stern and bow paddles. Paddles are designed specifically for the North Woods Stroke. Official site: www.wooden-canoes.com

With a suitable set of kayak paddle plans to hand its possible to knock-up a new set of paddles within a weekend or two of hard work.


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