Wooden Boat Building
For a novice builder looking to get started in wooden boat building, marine ply is often the preferred construction material.

Plywood is the material that most DIY enthusiasts are familiar with, and often seen as the cheapest option, its widely available and easily worked.

In order to begin the wooden boat building project it's necessary to locate the ideal set of boat plans, patterns or a complete kit. There are a variety of companies that offer a selection of self-build plans - Boat plans can be located at www.bateau.com, www.boatdesigns.com, and www.bruceroberts.com to mention a few. And most of these study plans are intended for the novice boat builder.

The average home workshop is likely to include most of the tools that will be required to build a wooden hulled boat - as these plans don't ask for any difficult woodwork procedures to be undertaken, or call for special tools.

The easiest of the construction methods is the Stitch-n-Glue technique. This is a case of cutting plywood panels (with the use of a full size pattern) to shape, which are than stitched and glued together to form an accurate shaped hull. This method is ideal for the beginner, requires few tools, and can often be assembled within hours once the parts have been cut to shape.

Wooden boat building has its advantages over other materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, and steel. Plywood offers a material that is lightweight, aesthetic appealing, long lasting, and comparable in maintenance and costs.


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