Boat Drift Sock
Steady a boat with the help of a boat drift sock by slowing the rate of drift, in all wind or current conditions.

If after stabilization, a drift sock allows an angler to hover or slowly drift over a favored fishing hole for that much longer and allows for proper bait presentation.

Drift socks come constructed in a heavy duty vinyl-reinforced or rip stop nylon, with extra strong nylon straps for support, as well as for retrieving a sock with ease and quickly.

Available in a choice of sizes with 24-inches, 40-inches, and 50-inches some of the common options, and very effective for slowing a drift or troll on a small fish boat at 14-ft to a 26 footer in light, moderate to heavy wind conditions. Also due to its compact nature these drift anchor socks are also perfect on kayak fishing boats.

Maximize boat control, with a sock designed with an upper cylinder to float with the rear or bottom weighted to make certain it opens immediately on launch or when thrown into the water and does not rotate.

A drift chute in a lightweight nylon material offers ease in drying after use, and all in a compact size for convenient storability. A design that's vented allows for ease in retrieving from the Boat Drift Socksea.

Accessories to complement a drift anchor include a harness and buoy to allow quick release and control in changable conditons or when fighting a fish, often helping to eliminate spinning or tangling, all with a highly visible float.

A drift sock, built with quick deployment in mind, is the perfect tool to enjoy fishing safely with an ability to gain more boat control as well as slowing the rate of drift and troll speeds. All with the aim of ease of operation and maximizing bait-presentation.


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