Kayak Fishing Boats
Kayak fishing boats are specialized crafts to match the needs of the angler and come outfitted with deck gear, such as rod holders and anchor systems.

Stability, ease in maneuverability, comfort, and storage space are attributes that a angler looks for in a paddling vessel.

A brief overview of just a few of the high-quality manufacturers of kayak fishing boats -

Native Watercraft offers a choice of kayaks in versatile designs to serve the passions of paddlers in a range of recreational pursuits - such as kayak fishing, wildlife watching, sightseeing, and kayak pedaling. Models are split between the Hybrid, Multi sport, Sit on Top, Sit Inside categories that vary in shape, size and features. Official site:

Wilderness Systems manufacture a series of recreational, touring, fishing, sit-on-top, and tandem kayaks to offer one of the most satisfying paddling experiences. The dedicated fishing machines offer a host of accessories for the angler, such as comfort seating, rod holders, anchor systems, dry hatches, and a foot brace system. Official site:

Heritage Kayaks provide a line of sit-on-top and sit-in fishing kayaks that are ideal on very small waters to open ocean fishing and feature a choice of rugged accessories. Heritage also offers a choice of single and tandem kayaks. Official site:

It's often the ability to paddle in a remote area that's difficult to access on foot or to fish in the open sea that makes the kayak fishing boats the ideal paddling machine for anglers at all levels.


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