Boat Dock Plans

If you're a do-it-yourself enthusiast and looking to construct a boat dock there are a variety of sources for boat dock plans to assist in the construction.

DIY docks are available in a choice of construction methods (floating or stationary), a choice of frames (aluminum, steel or wood) and a choice of decking materials (aluminum, wood or concrete). Boat docks can be built on a lake, river, sea-front, or ocean - its just a matter of locating the idea set of plans.

The difficulty levels for the construction process will vary dependent on the type of dock to be installed. A traditional wooden framed system is likely to call for someone with good to moderate carpentry skills, while a aluminum dock delivered in pre-constructed sections can be built with ease.

Boat Dock Building Plans
Boat dock plans and accessories can be located at the following destinations -

Great Northern Docks - is a family owned business that has a reputation for high quality docks and hardware, and founded in 1979. A fine selection of turn-key boat docks and hardware offered to the DIY enthusiast, with pre-built wooden or aluminum dock systems also available for those wishing to construct a platform as a weekend building project.

Other dock related plans featured include - Dock Bench Plans - Post Bumper Plans - Rigid Ramp Plans - Swim Float Plans - Gang Plank Plans

Tiger Boat Docks - manufacture, distribute, and install boat docks, accessories, and boat lifts. Tiger Docks has been in business since 1995. Easy-to-install and assemble, complete dock plans and blueprints , tailored to match a specific residential layout, offer a fine choice to construct a floating or stationary boat dock - available in either wood, steel, or roof-based. Dock kits come complete with Lumber list w/cut to specifications, galvanized steel hardware, float drums, detailed assembly instructions, and technical assistance.

Built to withstand the toughest of marine environments, the solid dock hardware, constructed in high strength carbon steel, marine-grade stainless steel or similar, is vital to long-lasting life, durability and performance.

There are a variety of factors to be considered in the construction of a dock - such as layout, depth (high and normal water level), weather conditions, exposure or protected site (quiet river, protective cover, open water, etc), size of the body of water, water fluctuation throughout the seasons. All these points can determine the dock design, method of construction, and build materials.

Boat Dock Supplies
Enhance the appearance of a T-shaped dock, pier, shore dock, or broad-walk with a fine selection of boat dock accessories - a bench or picnic table to relax at, dock bumbers or fenders to protect from contact with the dock, or dock cleats to tie up the boat.

Dock Bumpers - Heavy-duty horizontal, vertical, or corner bumpers provide a high-degree of protection to all impact points - different construction methods, wall thickness, and sizes, guarantee a cushioned boat dock bumper is available to protect a sail or motor-driven vessel whilst moored up.


Dock Lockers - Perfect for storing boating-related gear and accessories. Fiberglass dock boxes, with a solid sandwich-core like lid construction, securing steel bolts, and a reliable stainless-steel latch, offer a safe method to keep winch-handles, dock lines, cleaning and maintenance tools, water-sports ropes, etc, safe, and out-of-sight at all times.

Jet Ski Docks
A jet ski dock system, configured for a 1 - 3-seater PWC offers the fastest, easiest and simplest method to dry-dock a Jet Ski, Waverunner, or Sea-Doo branded personal watercraft on water. A drive-on / drive off docking system offers the ultimate protection for a high-value PWC, and comes constructed in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and flotation capacities.

When it comes to constructing a stationary or floating dock is crucial to locate the idea set of boat dock plans, in addition to the hardware, such as the brackets, posts, hinges, floatation, bolts, ladders and installation tools. Whether you have a 12' Dinghy or a 25' Deck Boat, a suitable set of instructions will guide you through the entire process of building that custom dock.


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1. Great Northern Docks
2. Tiger Boat Docks