Bateau Boat Plans

Boat Building Plans & Kits


Airboat Plans
Glen-L and AirBoatFun are just a few of the companies that offer a series of high-quality boat plans that are specific to the swamp boat or airboat ...[More]


Aluminium Boat Plans
Kits start out as 3D models on a computer which enables the designers to make any adjustments that are necessary. These images are then downloaded into a program ...[More]


Boat Building Plans
With no particular manufacturer endorsed, expect an introduction to all possibilities - So I figure I'd share a colossal selection of direct links to companies offering self-build ...[More]


DIY House Boat Plans is another Website that has DIY houseboat plan-sized guides available. For just $30, you can download a PDF study guide to ...[More]


Stitch & Glue Boat Plans
A lot of the do-it-yourself boat plans are designed with the amateur builder in mind, and the stitch and glue boat plans are among the most basic - all that's necessary is ...[More]


Wooden Boat Building
Plywood is the material that most DIY enthusiasts are familiar with, and often seen as the cheapest option, its widely available and easily worked ...[More]


Build a Kayak
Stitch & Glue Kayaks – this method uses pre-cut panels of plywood, cut to specific shapes, which are stitched together with the help of wire or cable ties ...[More]


Kayak Plans
There are two main methods for building your own kayak: strip-built; and stitch-and-glue. The strip-built method basically means you bend many thin strips of wood ...[More]


Boat Dock Plans
The difficulty levels for the construction process will vary dependent on the type of dock to be installed. A traditional wooden framed system is likely to call for ...[More]


Kayak Paddle Plans
Glen-L - offer a choice of paddle or oar plans in varies designs and sizes - expect to locate plans and patterns to construct a set of single bladed canoe paddles ...[More]


Boat Trailer Plans
All parts and materials that are to be used in the production of the trailers are often standard pieces of kit, so the axles, tires, suspension system, steel frame, hubs, wheels ...[More]