Dagger Kayaks
Dagger Kayaks manufacturer a series of Creeking, Recreational, Touring, and Whitewater paddling machines, and was founded in 1988.

The series of Dagger Kayaks include -

The series of Recreational kayaks includes the Approach 10.0; the ultimate hybrid kayak, offering stability, lightweight and a spacious cockpit area. The Blackwater II 13.5 is a tandem kayak that offers a adjustable seating arrangement to take on two adults plus a third kids seat. And the Zydeco 9.0 is the easiest of the bunch to paddle, and offers a surprisingly nifty hull. These kayaks range in length from 9' to 13'10", with a weight capacity of 200lbs to 475lbs. Dagger Kayaks

The Touring series of kayaking equipment offers the Catalyst 12.8 to give the stability of a rec boat but with the glide of a touring paddle boat. The Euro X offers that extra space for multi day tours and expeditions. And the Specter 15.5 Airalite gives that lightweight and stiff performance. The kayaks range in length from 12'10 to 16'8", with a max capacity of 275lbs to 400lbs.

The Whitewater series of kayaks offers the Agent 6.2 for a comfortable and dry ride for the mid sized freestyler. The mamba 8.5 Creeker gives the best on offer in a true creek outfitting. And the RPM 9.0 is the most popular whitewater kayak, that's easy to paddle and roll. These kayaks range in size from 6' to 8'11", and weigh in at 28.5lbs to 50lbs.

Dagger Kayaks are a series of innovative, stable and high performance paddlers and are respected in industry for their line of whitewater kayaks.

Official site: www.dagger.com


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