Tandem Kayaks
The tandem kayaks offer a multi-use kayaking experience design for two paddlers -ideal for day paddling, surfing, fishing, sightseeing, and a variety of other recreational opportunities.

Enjoy fishing the backcountry, venturing out along the ocean shoreline, or taking on the mild to moderate whitewaters with a companion.

The tandem kayaks can be paddled tandem or solo (seats can often be adjusted) and able to accommodate maximum load of two adults plus a small child or dog and gear. Although, it's always wise to take note of the maximum payload capacity before everyone starts piling on board.

Kayaks of this nature are designed in a choice of construction materials, feature a host of extras, and come in various shapes and sizes to offer the ideal performance and stability.

The inflatable tandem’s are ideal for those kayakers that don't wish to lug about the traditional, rigid hard-shell kayaks. And, these can often be inflated with a standard foot-pump in five or six minutes. The inflatable kayaks are compact enough to be packed in a rucksack for transport and storage. Once the day is over, deflate the kayak, pack it in its bag, and set-off back to the resort or campground. Nitrylon (a rubber/polyester laminate) is one of the construction materials and offers a rugged fabric that's able to offer superb puncture-resistance.

The hard-shell kayaks come in tough and durable fabrics, such molded plastic, Kevlar, carbon fiber, wood, fiberglass or the versatile polyethylene material to offer a solid, lightweight and stable performance. If a hard-shelled kayak is the preferred option, don't forget transportability. With a solid or molded kayak a SUV or similar type of vehicle is going to be required to transport it down to the lake.

To enhance the kayakers experience don't forget to include a assortment of extras. A rudder kit comes recommended if planning on a long distance paddle. As well as a back rest, not just for comfort, but also to give more paddling force.

Tandem kayaks are the ideal platform for all-round family fun for two-persons and sometimes a little more for a fishing trip or a peaceful sightseeing tour.


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