Perception Kayak
Perception Kayaks manufacturer a series of recreational, sit-on-top, touring, and sporting kayaks that provide a stable platform, are effortless to paddle, and in a lightweight construction.

The Perception Kayak range includes -

The Day Touring series includes the Tribute that offers a stable and comfortable fit to specifically suit women, the Caroline 12 XS is ideal for the junior touring enthusiast that weighs up to 120 pounds, and the Carolina 14 offers that additional space to cope with a longer trip. The kayak length ranges from 12' to 17'6", with a max capacity of 200lbs to 450lbs.

The Recreational series offers the Acadia 11.5 as the entry level kayak that comes with some extra creature comforts, the Acadia II 14 gives rock-solid stability, suited to take a companion with its removable kid's seat, and the Acadia Scout is designed just for the kids and gives enough speed to stay in touch with mum and dad. The kayaks range in length from 10' to 14'3, with a max capacity of 150lbs to 650lbs.

The sit-on-top range of kayaks offers the Search 13 to give a stable and weather friendly performance, with the Search 15 offering the same features, but giving that more storage space for gear, and the Torrent is a whitewater kayak that's designed for the challenges and speed of the rapid rivers - making a great trainer for Class IV rivers. The kayaks length ranges from 10 to 15', with a max capacity of 250lbs to 450lbs.Perception Carolina 12 Kayak

The Sporting Rec series offers the Prodigy 12 Angler to offer a stable platform that’s effortless to cast from and paddle, and the Search 15 Angler comes outfitted with a host of features to become a favorite with anglers. Kayak length is 12' to 15', with a max capacity or 300lbs to 350lbs.

The Touring kayaks feature the Eclipse 16 to offer a outstanding touring design that’s suited to the smaller paddler or women, the Essence 16.5 Airalite give solid tracking, maneuverability, and great ergonomics, and equipped with a drop down skeg, but also rudder capable.

Perception Kayak offer a series of kayaks to accommodate the expert to novice kayaker and suited to the paddler that enjoys going across lakes, sounds and slow rivers to venturing out to sea.

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