Native Watercraft Kayaks
Native Watercraft manufacturer a series of innovative Hybrid, Multisport, Sit on Top and Sit Inside kayaks to serve a paddlers passions on swift waters to the open ocean.

The series of Native Watercraft kayaks include -

The Hybrid series of combines the best in today's kayaks to offer a versatile, stable, and easy to maneuver paddling machine. The Native Watercraft Ultimate series of kayaks offer a choice of unique features, such as its Tunnel Hull (TM), ultra comfortable seating, and a easy to use attachment system. The Ultimate 9.5 is ideal for the small paddler in mind, the popular Ultimate 12 offers a array of features and suited to a range of environments, and the Ultimate 14.5 Tandem offers that extra space for two kayakers in comfort. These kayaks range in length from 9'6" to 16'1", and weight in at 39lbs to 80lbs.

The Multisport series of kayaks offers a choice of kayaking experiences, with its Propel Pedal Drive system (pedal power), the Volt electric motor drive system, and the Wind sail drive system. The Ultimate 12 Volt is a small, agile kayak that travels swiftly with its front mounted drive unit that propels at approx. 5MPH, and the Ultimate 12 propel Catamaran allows two kayaks to be connected to offer a more stable angling platform. Kayaks range in length from 12'1" to 14'7", and weight in at 58lbs to 68lbs.

The Sit On Top range of kayaks offers a series of unique features, generous storage space, and comfort for a stable ride on a swift waters. The Manta Ray 12 is a mid-sized paddling vessel that offers plenty of space to store gear, the Native Watercraft Magic 12 offers a simple solution to transporting and offers ample storage space, and the Magic 14.5 Tandem features a unique configuration to accept two paddlers while still proving space for gear. Kayaks range in length from 10'10" to 14'7", and weight in at 56lbs to 80lbs.

The Sit Inside kayaks offer a level of comfort, flexibility, the ability to maneuverable in tight areas, and great in open waters. The Marvel 10 offers a nimble ride in all environments, and offers great comfort and outfitting abilities. And the Marvel 14.5 Tandem gives sufficient space to accommodate two passengers plus ample gear, and will convert to a single-kayak if in need of extra storage space. The length for the kayaks range from 10' to 14'7", and weight in at 40lbs to 68lbs.

The Native Watercraft kayaks are a step ahead in relation to comfort, outfitting accessibility, agility, and user-friendly gear and accessories to offer an awe-some day of paddling, sightseeing, fishing or nature watching.

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