Hobie Pedal Kayaks
If you plan to fish while kayaking you will certainly not want to deal with a paddle - your best bet will be to take a look at Hobie Pedal Kayaks.

When deciding which kind of kayak to purchase there are several factors that you need to be taken into consideration. Are you fishing while kayaking? Are you using the kayak simply for pleasure or to conquer that fast-flowing stream?

Pedal driven kayaks shaped similarly to other kayaks and on the surface looks very similar. The real difference is the foot pedals. Hobie Kayaks are powered by an innovative foot pedal. Marketed only by Hobie, they have come up with an innovative design called the Mirage Drive. The Mirage Drive allows the kayak to be propelled by use of pedals and allows the kayaker to be hands free. But why would you need to be hands free? Let’s consider a few possible scenarios.

You are in the middle of the lake; the wind is blowing a bit but not a lot. You see a prime opportunity to get the fish you’ve been after for hours and so you quickly put down your paddle and grab your reel. In the time it takes you to get the hook in the water the wind had pushed you slightly away from the perfect spot. You miss the fish and now have to paddle back. If you had been using a Hobie Kayak you could have used your feet to keep you in place. Your hands would have been free!

Another scenario includes you being on the lake for over three hours, nearly three miles Hobie Pedal Kayaksfrom shore. You have been paddling around making some sweet catches. You look at your watch and realize it will be dark soon and you really don’t want to be on the water after dark. You grab your paddle and start your trip back. But since the wind is blowing in your face you quickly realize that you are making very little progress.

You are tired from the fishing and rowing and now you have a dilemma. You should have gotten a Hobie with the mirage drive. Then you can lower your body to reduce wind drag and use your far more powerful leg muscles to get you back.

The mirage drive is simple and easy to use. Think of it as riding a bike in a kayak. You can still use your paddle if you want to, but you will have this unique backup option! No more exhausted arms and breathless trips. The Hobie comes in different models, including a tandem.


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