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Cheap Kayak
One of the first things to look at when buying that second-hand kayak is to check if it has been patched before. Many boat repair jobs will do an excellent job at patching a ...[More]


Hobie Pedal Kayaks
The Hobie Kayak is shaped similarly to other kayaks and on the surface looks very similar. The real difference is the foot pedals ...[More]


Kayak Fishing Boats
Stability, ease in maneuverability, comfort, and storage space are attributes that a angler looks for in a paddling vessel ...[More]


Kayaks On eBay
Kayaking options include the recreational kayaks - a multi-purpose kayaks that offers stability and versatility and idea for day paddling, fishing, sightseeing, and diving ...[More]


Native Watercraft Kayaks
The Sit Inside kayaks offer a level of comfort, flexibility, the ability to maneuverable in tight areas, and great in open waters ...[More]


Old Town Kayaks
The Recreation kayaks offer a stable platform for fitness or family kayaking fun on lakes, ponds, and slow rivers ...[More]


Perception Kayak
The sit-on-top range of kayaks offers the Search 13 to give a stable and weather friendly performance, with the Search 15 offering the same features ...[More]


Single Seater Kayak
A one person kayak might not have large amounts of storage available. If you need to carry a larger amount of supplies because you are going on ...[More]


Sit On Top Kayaks
The sit-on-top kayak features a open cockpit design with space for the paddler to sit on a molded-out area on top, with the hull shape similar to that of ...[More]


Tandem Kayaks
The tandem kayaks can be paddled tandem or solo (seats can often be adjusted) and able to accommodate maximum load of two adults plus a small child or dog and gear ...[More]


Types Of Kayaks
Recreational Kayaks - are ideal for paddlers looking for versatility and satiability on the water. Ideal on flat waters, such as slow-moving rivers, lakes, bays, estuaries ...[More]


Used Kayaks for Sale
Some of the best places to where you can find used kayaks for sale might be kayak rental shops. Many times rental shops will offer their second-hand kayaks for sale at ...[More]


Aire Inflatable Kayaks
Aire manufacturer a series of innovative and cutting-edge Inflatable Kayaks, Rafts, and Catarafts for the touring and whitewater enthusiasts ...[More]


Dagger Kayaks
The Touring series of Dagger Kayaks offers the Catalyst 12.8 to give the stability of a rec boat but with the glide of a touring paddle boat ...[More]


Folbot kayaks can easily be broken-down and stored in a apartment closet or the trunk of a car - awaiting that next boating adventure ...[More]


Foldlite Boats
The Foldlite series of kayaks features a lightweight solo kayak idea for paddling on the slow moving rivers, lakes and estuaries, a single-seater kayak that is ...[More]


Necky Kayaks
The Recreation series of Necky Kayaks offer stability and a wider cockpit area for ease in entry and exit - ideal for casual fun out on the water ...[More]


Four Puffin models are available - the Puffin Sport is an open kayak that gives stability for fishing or wildlife activities, the Puffin 12' is the shortest of the decked kayaks ...[More]


Wilderness Systems Kayaks
The recreational series of Wilderness Systems Kayaks includes the Pamlico 100 which is a great choice for the kids to smaller adults and aids in developing control ...[More]