Folbot has been building hand-made folding boats and kayaks and began business in 1933. Folbot includes a series of eight folding kayaks that are intended for flat water paddling.

Folbot kayaks can easily be broken-down and stored in a apartment closet or the trunk of a car - awaiting that next boating adventure.

The kayaks can weight in the region of 24 lbs for the smallest folding boat - the Citibot to 62lbs for the largest of the bunch - the Greenland II, with varies weight capacities in between. All it needs is 10 to 20 minutes to assemble one of these folding kayaks.

The fleet of Folbot folding kayaks includes the following -

Citibot - at 10' a quality kayak that can easily be stored or taken to the water whenever you want.

Aleut - a 12 footer that's ideal for a day trip or expedition, and is easily manageable in every way.

Edisto - at 13' this kayak is the most versatile and accommodating boat on offer.

Yukon - at 13' this kayak builds on all the finest points of the Aleut, but offers that bit more space.

Kiawah - a smaller version of the Cooper, at 13'3 this kayaks is ideal for paddlers at 100 to 180lbs.

Kodiak - a 15 footer that offers the ideal combination of speed and stability.

Cooper - at 16'6 this is the most popular of the Folbot kayaks produced.

Greenland II - at 17' this is the largest of the kayaks and has sufficient space for two paddlers plus a third small passenger or lots of gear.

All folding boats are equipped with a paddle, carrying bags (1 or 2 bags per craft, dependent on size), and safety bladders. And available with a choice of deck colors, in addition to a selection of accessories.

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