Used Kayaks for Sale
After years of thinking about kayaks, you've decided that now is the time to get one.

You may have borrowed your neighbors kayak on your last vacation; or perhaps you were invited to the lake for a picnic and you saw people having tons of fun on the water in their kayak. You may have even seen a sign in a local boating shop that said "Used Kayaks for Sale". You want one, but what should you look for?

Some of the best places to where you can find used kayaks for sale might be kayak rental shops. Many times rental shops will offer their second-hand kayaks for sale at a terrific bargain. Usually these kayaks are very well maintained and have few, if any, signs of wear or damage. Another great location to check is boat shops. Just like you might buy a display model DVD player from your local electronics store, boat stores will occasionally offer their display model kayaks for sale.

These might have been used for demo purposes or they might have just been in the shop for too long. Sometimes if a specific model of kayak is being phased out, boat shops will be eager to get rid of their unsalable kayaks.

One of the absolute best times to find kayaks for sale is during the off season. Rental shops or boat shops will more than likely not sell their used kayaks at steep discounts during the peak of the season because they know they can get a premium price for them. But if you wait until the fall, in most locations, you stand a better chance of a shop selling you their used kayaks for great deals.

No matter where or when you find a kayak for sale, you will want to make sure it is in useable condition. Look for signs of wear or damage on the outside of the boat. If you see spots that have been patched you might consider a different selection. This can be difficult, however, if a repaint job has been carried on one of the used kayaks for sale. If there are any working parts on the boat such as a skag or rudder make sure they function.

It might be a good idea to ask to test the kayak on the water before purchase. A scrupulous seller will agree to your request. Someone who is perhaps trying to hide a defect might hesitate or refuse altogether. It is your choice if that second-hand kayak for sale is a good deal or a lemon.


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