Aire Inflatable Kayaks
Aire manufacturer a series of innovative and cutting-edge Inflatable Kayaks, Rafts, and Catarafts for the touring and whitewater enthusiasts.

The series of Aire inflatable kayaks include -

The Force series are designed to mimic the performance of the hard-shell kayaks, while still offering the safety aspects of an inflatable. Ideal for the Intermediate to advanced kayaker. The Force inflatable kayak offers thigh-straps to ensure stability when tackling the surf or completing tricks. The Force XL is a slightly faster option and able to accommodate the larger paddler. Kayaks range in length from 9'8 to 10'4, and with a load capacity of 275lbs to 300lbs.

The Lynx series offers a stable performance for kayakers at all levels. The Lynx I edition offers a broader width to take on extra cargo, as well as quickness and agility for making moves. And the Lynx II is Aire kayaks best-selling model, able to accommodate two adults or one with generous storage space for a extended trip. These kayaks range from 10'2" to 12'6", with a load capacity of 350lbs to 475lbs.

The Outfitter series offers incredible stability in whitewater in view of its low center of gravity. The Outfitter I Aire kayak is ideal for the novice kayak in whitewater or the expert Aire Inflatable Kayaks in extreme waters, and the Outfitter II offers that stable performance when tandem paddling in whitewater. Kayaks range in length from 9'11" to 12'5", with a load capacity of 400lbs to 525lbs.

The series of Aire inflatable kayak / canoe offer stability, durability, and performance for the novice to expert kayaker to tackle the rough waters and rapids with ease.

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