Single Seater Kayak
As anyone who has ever been kayaking can tell you, they come in all shapes and sizes. Additionally kayaks are also designed based upon your size preference.

If you are simply a leisure kayaker or do not use it very often you might not want to lug around a large kayak. Or you might even have a smaller car and a large kayak might damage the roof. You might even feel you won’t be able to move a 60-lb kayak by yourself and simply want something easier without having to give up the sport. There are solutions available to you. You might be interested in a one or single seater kayak.

Small one person kayaks come in all different types and are typically lower cost or entry-level designs. One type of single person kayak that is really making an impact in the sport is the inflatable kayak. Inflatable kayaks usually offer a terrific bargain and are very easily portable. These types of kayaks are ideal if you are traveling a distance to get to that perfect lake, including by air. Many times they are actually small enough that you can put it in your carry on luggage!

A similar concept is the foldable kayak. A foldable kayak is usually made of canvas that stretches over a wood frame. A foldable one person kayak might not be as easy to handle as an inflatable one person kayak, but it is still a great bargain.

One thing to consider is storage space. A one person kayak might not have large amounts of storage available. If you need to carry a larger amount of supplies because you are going on a longer kayak trip, then a small one person kayak might not be the best option for you. However if you are just going out for the day or to fish a small one person kayak might suit you fine.

Typically small kayaks weigh less than more traditionally sized kayaks. This is a big factor to consider because your kayak will be out of the water a lot more than it is in the water. If you are worried about space issues, weight, transportation, or anything similar than a single seater kayak might actually be your best choice. Whatever your choice, you will find plenty of pleasure in any style kayak you decide to purchase.

As always weigh all your options before making a decision. Most of us don’t have money to throw away and a kayak is an investment in your future fun!


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