FoldLite Boats
FoldLite Boats manufacture a series of lightweight, multi-functional and foldable kayaks and canoes.

Foldlite boats weigh in the region of 17lbs to 20lbs, and are capable of tackling the slow-moving lakes, rivers, or estuaries to the more serious rapids.

The time to assemble one of these folding kayaks or canoes is estimated at just 15 minutes. Foldlite BoatsAnd to offer ease in storage and transportability the FoldLite's can be folded down to fit in a compact backpack that weighs 20 to 24lbs - including the craft, seat, seat and backpack.

The series of kayaks features a lightweight solo kayak that's idea for paddling on the slow moving rivers, lakes and estuaries, a single-seater kayak that's more generous with space and offers fishability, and the tandem kayak that's ideal for touring. Kayaks range in length from 10' 2" to 15', with a pack weight of 22lbs to 40lbs (x2 packs of 20lbs), and a weight capacity of 250lbs to 500lbs.

And the single canoe model is ideal for the average built paddle, able to hold plenty of gear for adventure or family fun, 10' 2" in length, and weighs in at 21lbs (pack), with a capacity to hold 250lbs.

The FoldLite Boats offer a versatile option for the outdoor enthusiasts that's in need of a paddling machine that offers ease in maneuverability, stability and storage.

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