Sit On Top Kayaks
Some of the features to the modern sit on top kayaks include its versatility, stability, ease in maneuverability, and dry seating - these characteristics aren't associated with all the sit-on-top designs out there.

Be sure that the chosen kayak is up to the task at hand - either for the angler, diver, touring, surfing, nature watching or just for day paddling fun.

The sit-on-top kayak features a open cockpit design with space for the paddler to sit on a molded-out area on top, with the hull shape similar to that of the more traditional kayak design. In most cases the hull is constructed in a roto-molded plastic material. A lot of the sit-on-tops offer a multi-purpose function, and are often less expensive and easier for the junior or novice kayaker to use.

Opt for a kayak that's able to support the weight of the kayaker and gear with ease. A 15 ft Ocean kayak can accept a 550lb weight capacity, while a small 9' Ocean kayak will accept a weight capacity of 275 to 325lbs. Again, it's crucial that the waters to be paddled are considered - some sit on top fishing kayaks are designed for flat waters, slow-moving rivers, lakes, estuaries, bays, or even gentle ocean waves or swells.

Here are just a few of the high-quality manufacturers of Sit-on-top kayaks -

Islander manufacturers a series of beach, sport, surf, and dedicated fishing kayaks that are extremely accessible and great fun for everybody. Official site:

Malibu Kayaks manufacturers a series of fun, affordable and innovative one or two-seater fishing, dive or recreational kayaks in roto-molded, and a durable linear polyethylene construction. Official site:

Ocean Kayak manufacturer a series of angler models designed with the fisherman in mind, and single and tandem editions for family fun on the water. Official site:

To enhance the kayaking experience add some useful features or accessories. Make sure to get a backrest - not only for comfort, but also to give your paddle stoke more power in order to move forwards. Protected areas to mount a fishfinder is ideal for the angler. A bow hatch is necessary to protect gear form the elements.

The versatile sit on tops offer stability and speed on the water for a fun adventure and is easily maneuvered. Ideally suited to kayakers of all ages and abilities - either the novice to the more advanced paddler.


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