Types Of Kayaks
The types of kayaks on offer include the general purpose recreational kayak, multi-day open water touring kayaks, and the water-sports editions with racing or whitewater.

A brief overview of the four main types of kayaks -

Recreational Kayaks - are ideal for paddlers looking for versatility and satiability on the water. Ideal on flat waters, such as slow-moving rivers, lakes, bays, estuaries or coastal exploration. Offering ease in maneuverability, comport and performance and suited to the novice, junior or more advanced kayaker. A lot of the recreational kayaks are multi purpose - activities include fishing, nature watching, day paddling, diving, and surfing.

Racing Kayaks - are constructed in a light-weight and durable material to compete in sprint and marathon race events, adventure racing, and fitness. Designed to run fast and smooth on flat waters and offers low resistant when at speed. Racing kayaks are in the region of 17 ft to 21 ft in length. A lot of the racing kayaks come competition ready to fit USCA and USACK regulations. Kayaks are built to accommodate the light, medium or heavy athlete.

Touring Kayaks - are designed for efficient paddling in a variety of conditions and able to slice through open waters with ease. This is in view of its long and narrow hull shape, thus resulting in a faster rate of movement across a large lake or body or water. In order to improved on the maneuverability the touring kayaks are equipped with skegs or rudders to aid in movement. Capacity load is larger than that of a recreational kayak.

Whitewater Kayaks - are designed to slice through fast flowing rapids with ease. In need of the optimum maneuverability, so the shorter hull size offers the ability to maneuver around obstacles on a fast flowing obstacle course. Whitewaters kayaks can be broken down into several categories - the free running kayak, creeking kayak, freestyle kayak and the river running kayak.


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