Old Town Kayaks
Old Town manufacturer a series of canoes and kayaks for day paddling to fishing to wilderness expeditions that offer a lightweight, durable and user-friendly performance.

The series of Old Town kayaks includes -

The Recreation kayaks offer a stable platform for fitness or family kayaking fun on lakes, ponds, and slow rivers. Kayaks include the Dirigo 106 as the ideal paddling machine for casual kayaker out for some fun, fitness or relaxation, the Otter XT offer affordable water Old Town Dirigo 106 fun with a large cockpit for ease in entry and exit, and Vapor 12s are ideally suit to the smaller paddler in mind. These Old Town kayak models range in length from 9'6" to 14', with a weight capacity of 225lbs to 375lbs, and constructed in Polyethylene.

The Day Touring series of kayaks are able to cover long distances with ease and offers a generous amount of storage space for kit. The Cayuga 130 combines tracking and mobility with comfort and stability that a avid kayaker desires, and the Adventure XL 125 is ideal for the paddler in need of a extremely stable 12 footer on a short to mid range excursion. Kayaks range in length from 10' 10.5" to 14'6", with a weight capacity of 200lbs to 325lbs.

The Fishing kayaks are outfitted with specialized features to attract the fisherman or hunter. The Dirigo 120 Angler offers uncompromising comfort and convenience to fish the hard to access angling spots, and the Vapor 12xt Angler offers the ideal fishing accessories to get started straight away. These kayaks range in length from 10'6" to 12', Old Town Dirigo 120 Angler with a capacity to hold 250lbs to 375lbs.

And the Tandem kayaks are perfect for the companion paddling fun on lakes, ponds, and slow rivers. The Twin Otter offers solo and tandem paddling options for an easy and stable kayaking experience for all age groups. The two-person kayaks range in length from 14' to 15'3", with a weight capacity of 425lbs to 475lbs.

The Old Town kayaks offer a choice of features and design elements to accommodate the specific needs of a paddlers activities.

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