Pakboats manufacture a series of foldable canoes (PakCanoe) and kayaks (Puffin or Arrow) that offers stability and performance for a days paddling on a quiet lake to a full on wilderness expedition.

Each of the Pakboats models can be broken-down and packed in compact sack for ease in portability and suited to travels on a commercial flight, busses, ships, and cars.

The Puffin series of folding kayaks offers a lightweight recreational skin-on-frame boat that gives a great performance, tracking and one of the simplest foldable kayaks on the market.

Four Puffin models are available - the Puffin Sport is an open kayak that gives stability for fishing or wildlife activities, the Puffin 12' is the shortest of the decked kayaks and offers ease in paddling, the Puffin Swift 14' offers speed and tracking in abundance, and Puffin II Double is a versatile tandem kayak. Ideal for slow-moving rivers, lakes, and ponds. This Pakboat series ranges in length from 10'5" to 14' and weigh in at 17lbs to 28lbs.

The PakCanoe series of foldable canoes includes the PakCanoe 170 which is able to accommodate sufficient gear for a full on expedition and suited to the shallowest of waters, the PakCanoe 160 is a versatile model able to hold two paddlers plus gear for a two or three week river trek, and the PakCanoe 150 offers generous space and able to tackle the calm waters to the more testing Class III whitewaters. These folding canoe models range in length from 14' to 16' and weight in at 41-lbs to 51-lbs.

The Pakboats foldable kayaks and canoes offer the ideal solution of those in need of reaching the more inaccessible kayaking spots to enjoy that next fishing or paddling adventure.

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