Necky Kayaks
Necky Kayaks™ manufacturer a series of sea and whitewater kayaks to offer a stable, roomy, and comfortable paddling experience, and begin business in the mid-1970's.

The series of Necky Kayaks includes -

The Recreation series of kayaks offer stability and a wider cockpit area for ease in entry and exit - ideal for casual fun out on the water. The Manitou Sport™ is able to give rock solid performance and impressive tracking; its also a scaled down rec version of the sea Necky Kayaks kayak. The Sky™ is the smallest of the recreational kayaks, offers great mobility and equally suited to slow rivers, lakes or the ocean. This Necky kayak series range in length from 9'6" to 10'11", and weigh in at 41lbs to 44lbs.

The Day Touring kayaks offer increased speed and efficiency for the novice to intermediate paddler for longer spells on the water. The Looksha 12 Si™ is suited to the small to medium sized paddler. The Manitou 13™ offers the ultimate in versatility, with the glide of a touring kayak, but the comfort and stability of a rec kayak. And the Zoar Sport™ Angler is outfitted to meet the demands of the fisherman. This kayak and paddles series ranges in length from 12'1" to 14' 4", and weigh in at 39lbs to 57lbs.

The Touring kayaks offer a efficient solution to long distance paddling for the intermediate to advanced kayaker. The Eliza™ composite is a women’s model that offers less drag and excellent maneuverability. The Looksha 17™ Outfitter gives a sporty touring feel with more flexibility and freedom white paddling, and the Eskia™ Outfitter offers excellent tracking and a very capable sea kayak. Kayaks range in length from 15'3" to 17' 9", and weigh in at 47lbs to 65lbs.

Necky Kayak And the Tandem kayaks offers kayaking with a companion; equally suited to paddling fun, touring or for that longer expedition. The Manitou II™ gives versatility, stability, and comfort with the space to accommodate two adults plus a child or pet. And the Nootka Plus™ offers that extra buoyancy and stability. These kayaking models range in length from 14'8" to 22'5", and weigh in at 75lbs to 99lbs.

The Necky Kayaks are designed to offer reliability, safety, and comfort for the paddler that wants to have fun.

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