Wilderness Systems Kayaks
Wilderness Systems manufacturers a series of Recreational, Fishing, Sit On Top, Tandem and Touring kayaks to offer a fun, exhilarating paddling experience.

The series of Wilderness Systems kayaks include -

The Recreational kayak series includes the Pamlico 100 which is a great choice for the kids to smaller adults and aids in developing control and turning skills. The Pamlico 135T is the Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135T Tandem smallest of the tandem kayaks models, and offers adjustable seats - use either as a solo or tandem paddler. And the Pamlico 160T offers a spacious hull area to take that extra gear. These Wilderness kayaks range from 10' to 15'6", with a capacity to hold 300lbs to 650lbs.

The Sit-On-Top kayak series offers the Ride 135 with its stability and pontoon style hull to offer a favorite for anglers. The Tarpon 120 Ultralight is offers all the features of the Tarpon line but comes in a lightweight model, and the Tarpon 140 is outfitted with a choice of features, in addition to a flat floor to allow casting while standing. Kayaks range in size from 8' to 16', with a capacity to hold 225lbs to 500lbs.

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160i Angler The series of Fishing Wilderness Kayaks feature the best-selling Pungo 120 Angler which is ideally suited to fishing on calm rivers, pods, and other protected waters. The Tarpon 120 is the perfect fishing machine that offers stability, comfort, stowage, and glide. And the Tarpon 160i offers the angler protection in the rougher waters and gets you were you need to go fast. Kayaks range in length from 12' to 16', with a capacity to hold 325lbs to 400lbs.

The Elite Recreational series offers the Pungo 100 a kayak that’s easy to manage on ponds, slow lakes or deep rivers. The Pungo 120 is the most popular in this line of kayaks and offers the ideal size and transportability. And the Pungo 140 is the one that offers the fastest performance. Recreational kayaks range in size from 10' to 14', with a capacity to hold 300lbs to 350lbs.

The Performance Touring Wilderness System kayaks offer the Tempest 165 that's ideal suited to the smaller paddler that's still looking for the big time performance. The Tempest 180 Pro can accommodate the larger paddler with ease, or the average sized paddler in need of some extra stowage space on a extended paddle. And the Zephyr 16.0 Pro offers the sport choice to the Tempest sea kayaks. These kayaks range in size from 15'5" to 18', with a capacity to hold 275lbs to 400lbs.

The Tandem Touring series offers the mid-sized Northstar kayak that gives outstanding performance even when a complete load is on board, and the Northstar Pro is a lighter weight model that’s ideal for a extended tour. The size of the kayaks is 18'5 to 19'11", with a capacity to hold 600lbs to 650lbs.

And the Transitional Touring Wilderness kayaks feature the Tsunami 125 that offers a large cockpit and a easy manageable performance for tight and twisty waters. The Wilderness Systems Tsunami 125 Touring Tsunami 165 offers the larger kayaker a lean, efficient and nimble paddling machine for a weekend getaway. And the Tsunami 175 Pro offers full touring capabilities with a lighter, stiffer build. Kayaks range in size from 12' to 17'5", with a capacity to hold 275lbs to 400lbs.

Wilderness Systems offers a variety of kayaks in different shapes and sizes, such as the Pamlico, Pungo, Tarpon, and Tsunami models.

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